Three Common Causes of Recurrent Roofing Problems in Strata Buildings

Roof damage can be devastating for strata building residents. The leakages can cause water intrusion which will, in turn, harm the residential structure. Also, the presence of moisture in the house will promote the growth of mould and mildew. Therefore, it is crucial for you as the strata manager or committee member to ensure that the residents have access to the best roofing care. In general, most roofing leaks and other related problems can be solved with ease by licenced contractors. However, if the roofing issues are recurrent, you might need to intervene and address the underlying causes. Here are the main causative factors for frequent roofing problems.

Poor Installation

One of the most common causes of chronic roofing issues is shoddy workmanship. In simple terms, if the roof was not installed correctly during construction, it will eventually fail. Often, residents will need frequent repairs due to continuous leaks during the rainy season. They might also notice water ingress in the building as well as fungal growths. You should note that shoddy installation will shorten the life expectancy of the entire roof. Therefore, if the strata are experiencing these issues, you should consider this possibility and engage a strata roof repair contractor for an inspection. 

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Strata roofs are durable, but they are not infallible. Therefore, they require regular maintenance for optimal performance. If the roof is neglected, it will experience gradual deterioration. Initially, the residents might not experience problems. However, as time passes, the structure will weaken. Complete failure could occur, and extensive repairs might be required for restoration. You should be committed to the upkeep of the roofing in the strata scheme to avoid these problems. In general, regular maintenance will ensure the safety of the residents, reducing the risk of potential legal issues. Also, the upkeep process is more expensive than significant repairs or roof replacement.

Amateur Repairs

If a roof sustains damage but is not adequately repaired, the issue will recur in the future. Additionally, if an amateur repairperson services your roofing system, more harm could be sustained. For instance, some inexperienced handymen will step on the delicate parts of the roof, weakening the structure. While the initial damage will be repaired, you will need to deal with the secondary issues. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your strata buildings are only serviced by licensed and experienced roofers. 

For the best results, you should establish a program for roofing inspection and preventative maintenance in your strata scheme.