5 Types of Commercial Roofing For Your Business

When your business needs a new roof, you must find something that both fits within your budget and provides the protection that your commercial premises require. The following commercial roofing types can be good options for a typical business.

1. Metal 

Metal roofs are a cost-efficient choice due to their longevity. You can expect a metal roof to last for many years, especially if you choose one that has a protective coating to prevent corrosion. You can choose an aluminium roof for a building that requires a lightweight roof for structural reasons, or opt for stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion protection.

2. Shingles

Shingles are also a popular choice for residential buildings and are suitable for many commercial premises. They are a great option for steeply sloped roofs, which are not good candidates for some other types of roofing. Although shingles break more easily than other types of roofing material, you can replace individual shingles without having to install an entirely new roof, which means that they can be an economical choice. Choose from a huge range of colours and materials to get a roof that perfectly fits your business's image.

3. Built-Up Roof

Roofers create a built-up roof, or BUR, by layering tar and gravel on top of a waterproof membrane. Although this type of roof is not as durable as metal or shingles, it is a very affordable choice. A built-up roof can be a good choice if you are not sure what the long-term future holds for your business. This type of roofing is relatively easy to repair.

4. Spray-On Roof

One of the simplest and most affordable types of roofing is a spray-on roof. During the installation of this type of roof, the roofing team spray a liquid onto the roof that expands into foam. When the foam hardens, it forms a solid layer that provides protection against wind, rain, and other elements. Dry weather is required for the installation process, but once the roof is in place it can stand up to difficult weather conditions for several years until it needs to be replaced.

5. Green Roof

If you want your business to build a reputation for environmental friendliness, consider a green roof. This kind of roof has a waterproof membrane at its base and plants growing on top. Some green roofs can become outdoor spaces for employees to enjoy, while others simply improve the look of your building and provide a habitat for wildlife.