4 Common Residential Roofing Repair Issues You Should Watch Out For

Having a properly functioning roof is key to a well-functioning home. On the other hand, a home plagued with roofing issues can be unsafe to live in and also expensive to repair. The best way to keep your family safe and avoid expensive roof repairs is to seek professional assistance at the first sign of roof trouble.

Here's a look at some common roof repair issues you should watch out for in your home.

1. Roof leaks

Several factors, including damaged flashing, missing shingles and loose nails can cause your roof to leak. Irrespective of the cause, it's dreadful.

The first thing to do if you discover a roof leak is to identify its source. Accurate roof leak detection is essential to ensuring an effective repair job. If you fail to pinpoint and fix the affected areas, water will continue penetrating your roof, causing costly damage to your home.

Unrepaired roof leaks can also result in moisture-related problems such as a hot roof, mould growth and pest infestations.

2. Roof ponding

As the name implies, roof ponding is when water collects or stagnates on your roof instead of draining off quickly after a storm. Many factors, including inadequate roof slope, deteriorating materials and clogged gutters and gutter downspouts can cause this problem, but poor drainage is the main culprit. 

While ponding water may not pose an immediate danger to your residential roof, it can lead to roof leaks if allowed to persist for a long period of time.

3. Loose roof fixings and fasteners

Roofing screws, nails and washers all do the same job of holding your roof in place. However, they can back out over time and create openings for water to get underneath your roof. If you have noticed fixings or fasteners popping through your roof-covering materials, drive them back down to make your roof watertight again.

4. Clogged gutters

Your roof gutters are essential for ensuring water drains off quickly from the surface of your roof. However, the debris that is pushed into the gutters by rain can create blockages if not removed periodically, preventing water from flowing freely.

A professional gutter cleaning job can help fix this problem and minimise the risk of water damage to your property.

Because of the high risk to your family and property, roofing problems require expert diagnosis and repairs to address effectively. Contact a residential roofing repair contractor for solutions to your home's roofing issues.