Need A New Roof? 5 Reasons Why Metal Roofing Is The Perfect Choice For Your Home

Metal roofing has been used in Australia for more than a century and continues to be an incredibly popular choice. It graces the roofs of houses right around the country, from tiny, outback shacks to palatial city mansions. If you're having your home's roof replaced, then metal roofing is an excellent option. Here are five reasons why it could be the perfect material for your new roof.

1. It's incredibly versatile

Metal roofing has the benefit of suiting any type or style of home. It looks equally great on a beautiful, heritage timber home or an uber-modern, architecturally designed residence. It can also be used on a multitude of different roof shapes including curved roofs.

2. It's highly durable

Steel is naturally a highly durable material and metal roofing has also been heat treated to increase its strength and durability. Modern roofing is no longer simply painted. The various colours are actually bonded to the metal which means the surface of your roof will resist chipping, peeling and cracking over time.

3. It's fast to install

Of all the different roof materials, metal roofing is possibly the fastest and easiest to install. The large sheets of metal are pre-fabricated to precisely fit the dimensions of your roof, which makes the installation process quick and fuss-free. This will save you money on the cost of labour and also means less time spent without an intact roof over your head and a home that's a building site.

4. It's an eco-friendly choice

Metal roofing has great eco-credentials because it's completely recyclable and will last for many decades before it needs replacing. Modern metal roofing also provides excellent insulation for your home, with reflective surfaces that repel UV rays and reduce heat loss and gain due to its thermal efficiency.

5. It looks amazing

Modern metal roofing comes in a comprehensive range of colours. There are traditional colours which are ideal for heritage homes and a more modern palette to give your home the most up to date look. You can also choose from a selection of brighter and more uncommon colours to give your home a unique and more personal look.

To find out more about metal roofing for your home, contact your local metal roofing specialists. They can help you with any questions you may have regarding the installation process and provide you with a quote to supply and install your new metal roof.