Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

Metal roofs come with a myriad of benefits such as durability and energy efficiency. However, to get the full advantage of this roofing solution, you need to follow some maintenance best practices. Many homeowners overlook the maintenance of their roofs, and this can lead to the development of problems such as leaks. While metal roofs usually require less maintenance than other roofing solutions, you still need to do some things to maintain the aesthetic appeal and performance of your metal roof.

Here are some of the major ways to maintain your metal roof.

Inspect The Roof Regularly

Regular inspections of your metal roof are extremely essential in terms of maintenance. You need to inspect both around and on the roof. Inspections will help you identify things such as loose flashing, fasteners or even roof sheets. All these can lead to other roof problems such as leaks. When inspecting the roof, pay close attention to the areas around your heat vents and chimneys. It is around these areas that leaks tend to develop. Besides, these areas can expose the metal roofing materials to chemicals that may corrode or even break down the paint.

However, you need to be very keen when standing or walking on the roof while doing these inspections. This is because unlike their wooden counterparts, metal roofs tend to have a thinner surface, which means they may not support as much weight. While you won't fall through your roof, you can easily cause dents in the metal panels. Therefore, to avoid this, walk directly over the support structures, such as the purlins or joists.

Minimise Debris Accumulation

Debris accumulating on your metal roof can be detrimental. This is because debris will hold moisture on the roof, and with time, your metal roof will be a victim of corrosion. While rain may wash away things such as small leaves from the roof, some of the debris may still collect in the gutters. Therefore, it is essential that you keep all areas of your roof clear of any debris. To do this, you can simply sweep the debris away. Avoid using rakes to get rid of the debris because such tools can scratch the paint on the roof, making it susceptible to the elements. Use a leaf blower instead.

Tree branches hanging over your metal roof are usually the major contributors to debris accumulation on the roof. Therefore, if you are thinking of planting new trees, keep them a fair distance away from your roof. If you already have a few trees close to your roof, keep them trimmed.