Why Your Home’s Guttering System Is More Important Than You Might Think

As a homeowner, you often have to worry about a myriad of potential problems within the house and make sure that those appliances, electrical and plumbing systems are maintained on a regular basis. In fact, you will be so busy keeping up with these maintenance schedules that you may be overlooking some equally important issues outside. When was the last time that you had a look at the condition of your guttering, and do you realise how important it is?

Why You Need to Take Action

The guttering system around your house has one primary purpose, and that is to gather a copious amount of rainfall and transport it away to a safe location quickly. The entire system is designed to cope with the worst Australian rainstorms and it must be kept in good condition, or problems can ensue.

The main problem is that gutters are exposed to the elements and will fill up with all kinds of debris, as time goes by. This material has to be cleaned out periodically, or it can create its own "growing zone," where vegetation can take root and flourish.

Water Infiltration

Any blockage, no matter how small, will affect the efficiency of the guttering system. Water will back up and has to go somewhere, so it will penetrate the eaves of the house, find its way in and ultimately damage ceilings and interior walls. Over time, this dampness can penetrate everywhere, down into the foundations and cause structural damage.

Wood Damage

Your home probably has wood fascias. These are meant to be protected from too much water exposure, but blocked gutters can cause them to rot over time. This will affect the way that your home looks from the exterior, and will prove costly to replace.


A typical guttering system is relatively lightweight and is held up by brackets and screws that are designed for such a weight. As you can imagine, sodden debris and vegetation can put a lot of extra weight on the fittings and, with time, they can break with obvious consequences.

A Home for Critters

A number of different creatures will come to love your blocked guttering. Any buildup of leaves, moss and vegetation can turn out to be an attractive proposition for various types of wildlife, from insects to birds and even mice or rats.

Landscaping Damage

You may also find that landscaping around your home is damaged, as certain parts of the guttering system become "unavailable" to handle stormwater. The other downpipes will be overwhelmed, and you could be looking at some additional yard work, as a consequence.

What to Do

If you haven't paid attention to your guttering system for some time, you really need to. Make sure that it is cleaned out as soon as possible, and that you effect repairs now before the situation gets worse.