Options for Pre-Fabricated Roof Trusses

You may know that benefits of using pre-fabricated roof trusses for your home building project or your home extension. You may know that you can have these trusses delivered directly to the business site and ready for installation. What you may not know are the different options that are actually available to you with pre-fabricated options. Here are a few ways you can get roof trusses that best match your home and the design you are going for.


One of the misconceptions about pre-fabricated roof trusses is the material. There is a concept that the only material used to construct roof trusses is timber of some kind. The truth is, you can get roof trusses made in timber, metal, and composite options. For example, if you live in an area that is prone to high winds and wind related damage, then you may want to opt for a strong steel truss versus a timber truss. You can get this with a pre-fabricated option and still have the same benefits you would with traditional timber trusses.


When you think prefabricated, you may be thinking of a limited option of styles. For example, you may be thinking about the typical triangular shape of a bowstring or fan truss. The truth is, pre-fabricated roof trusses can come in a variety of styles and options to fit almost any home plan design.

You can also order different styles of trusses for the different areas of your home. For example, you may want to add a home extension that gives you attic storage. This would mean that a bowstring truss may not work, so you could order bowstring trusses for the rest of your home and one or two storage trusses to allow for a crawlspace or walkthrough in a storage style attic. All the options can be ordered and delivered ready to go while avoiding an onsite option for the one style change.

Custom Built Options

People tend to go with a pre-fabricated option to get a generic or traditional truss for their home easily. This means there is a misconception that you can't have custom made options done on a prefabricated order. The truth to this misconception is that you can have changes and alterations made to the pre-fabricated options in order to meet your needs. Most roof truss companies offer this as an option, though some may be limited to size or material rather than fully customized options.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can begin to look at prefabricated roof truss options for your home and expand the options you may currently have. For pricing and ordering, contact your local roof truss company.