Routine Inspections to Keep Your Roofing in Good Condition

Since roofing tends to be hard to access, it is not uncommon to find homeowners neglecting routine maintenance. Roofing contractors are usually called upon once there is a serious problem that has arisen or if the owner requires roof replacement. In reality, most of the issues that roofs will face can be avoided if you take the time to give it a thorough examination and discern whether it is at risk of being compromised. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to have a maintenance schedule where professional contractors can come and provide your roof with the attention that it requires. Therefore, what are some of the routine inspections you should carry out to ensure your roof stays in good condition?

Inspection of the gutter system

Your roof's gutters function as a line of defence against water ingress that would cause undue damage to your roof as well as overall structure. Thus, it is important to ensure that your gutters are working in optimum condition if your roof is to stay functional. One of the first things to do would be hiring a professional roofer to come and clean your gutters on occasion. This gutter cleaning would be of added importance during the wetter seasons when leaves and other organic debris can become trapped inside the gutters. The second thing to do would be to have your gutters examined for any signs of wearing. A few of the signs to be wary of would be the gutters pulling away from your roof, sections of the gutters sagging and discolouration on your gutter system, which would indicate corrosion.

Inspection of roofing accessories

As a rule of thumb, anything that pops through or has been installed on your roofing has the potential of causing an undetected leak on your property. If the flashing that is holding these accessories has become compromised, water will steadily seep into the roof structure and will eventually make its way into your home. Therefore, it would be crucial to have a professional roofer carry out routine inspections on aspects such as skylights, chimneys, satellite dishes, HVAC vents and more. Flashing that has started to deteriorate should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure that your roofing maintains its integrity.

Inspecting for evidence of pests

Water is not the only risk to your roofing. Critters that take harbour in your roofing could also increase the potential of your roof acquiring unnecessary damage. Burrowing creatures such as possums could eat through your eaves and weaken the structure of the roof. Your roofer should also check for nests as these could impede the redirection of water away from your structure.