Contemplating Roof Replacement? Make the Switch to Colorbond Roofing

While your roof is, in theory, supposed to last you for decades, there is the chance that it will lose its integrity prematurely. External factors such as leaks that lead to mould to deteriorating surfaces that make the structure lose its energy efficiency, you may find yourself needing to replace your roof sooner than you had imagined. However, before you choose to replace this structure with the same supplies that were installed before, you should take a moment and consider upgrading to colorbond roofing.

Although this type of roofing has been available for decades now, it is only recently that more and more Australians are taking an interest in this supply after learning about its unparalleled benefits. So, if you are contemplating roof replacement, here is why you should make the switch to colorbond roofing. 

Colorbond roofing is an ecological upgrade

The first reason why you should seriously consider switching to colorbond roofing is the environmental benefits that this material offers. A surprising fact about this supply is that it is made up of recycled metals. Therefore, only a minimal amount of brand-new metal needs to be manufactured for the creation of this roof, and this means a decrease in toxic emissions into the environment. Not to mention that you will be playing your part in minimising your carbon footprint by investing in an eco-conscious material for your roof replacement.

The second reason why colorbond roofing is considered to be an ecological option is that it goes a long way in enhancing the energy efficiency of the home. Choosing reflective colours (and colorbond is available in a myriad of colours) for your new colorbond roof will deflect heat and subsequently reduce your reliance on the AC.

Colorbond roofing increases the safety of your home

If you have never thought of colorbond as a viable material for your house. It could be because you have probably seen it in commercial buildings. But the reason why it is commonplace in commercial roofing is why it will be highly advantageous for your home too! This material is a great investment for your home since it is fire resistant. This quality is especially beneficial for Australians residing in areas that typically contend with bush fires since the roof can help in preserving your house.

Nonetheless, these are not the only homeowners who will benefit from this roofing. In addition to protection against bush fires, the fire resistance will protect your property from lightning strikes too! It is also worth noting that your home insurance could see a decrease in premium since you are taking measures to protect your house from undue harm.