4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Zinc Roofing

Are you searching for a suitable metal roofing for your residence or commercial property? Metal roofing lasts longer, requires less maintenance and adds value to your home. The market offers a wide range of options, and one of the best ones is zinc. Its popularity has been increasing recently, thanks to its beauty, durability and environmentally friendly features. But, why should you consider a zinc roofing over the other forms of metal roofing? Keep reading to know more.

Can self-repair

One of the outstanding features of a zinc roof is its ability to self-repair. If there are some nicks, scratches or other damages that occur whenever the climate is severe, the metal sheet will self-repair over time. This means your roof will always be as good as new over the years. How does this happen? Well, hydroxyl carbonate forms on zinc, and it acts as the protective layer, making it easy for the roofing to repair itself. If you stay in an area that experiences severe weather, do not hesitate to install zinc roofing because it will require less repair throughout its lifespan.

It's appealing

Roofing materials made of zinc have a unique style that's designed to boost the appearance of your structure. Before it's reformed, zinc has a dark-grey metallic appearance that's naturally appealing. The metal can also be painted in different colours to meet the needs of the customer. Your supplier may also recommend traditional seam panels or modern tiles for a traditional or contemporary appearance. Choose the style and design that suits your requirements.

Easy to form

Depending on your roof design, you might require some uniquely formed parts for your roof. The good news is that zinc is malleable, and its malleability won't be affected when zinc is added to a metal alloy. So, if your metal fabrication expert needs to make curves and vaults, it will be easy to shape zinc, and its durability will remain the same.

Resistance to moisture and corrosion

A roof is designed to protect your home from external elements like the rain, sun and snow, among others. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a quality roof that can resist moisture and rust and protect your structure, regardless of the climatic conditions. There is a misconception that metal roofing can corrode over time, but zinc still stands out. When exposed to water or moist conditions, zinc doesn't react right away, and this makes it easier for it to resist corrosion. So if your area is always humid, consider installing a zinc roofing. Speak to a roofing professional for more information.