Advantages of a Roof Restoration for Your Home

One project that updates how a home looks and functions is a roof restoration. You'll enjoy the aesthetic benefits with a gorgeous curb view. Plus, you'll gain practical advantages, which are revealed below.

Fix Holes

The restoration process involves several stages. After the roof is fully inspected, it will be pressure-washed, and any cracks or holes in the tiles or metal sheets will be sealed. Rather than paying for piecemeal repairs one by one, you'll get everything addressed at once. Then you won't have to organise multiple visits for roof repairs.

Prevent Further Damage

Sealing holes and gaps will avert further damage and deterioration. Rainwater can leak into the roof cavity over time without you even being aware of a problem. Hidden inside the crawl space, the moisture can attack timber rafters and beams, causing them to rot and warp. The rainwater can also seep down to the roof insulation and ceiling plaster. 

Only then may you begin to see signs of problems as the ceiling forms dark patches and grows mould. It could start to sag and fall away from the ceiling joists that hold it, and in the worst-case scenario, it could collapse. All this could have been prevented by a roof restoration that would have discovered and fixed every leak.

Reduce Energy Costs

You'll enjoy side benefits from a restoration also, such as reduced energy costs, once your home is protected with a watertight seal. If roof cladding has holes, the air in the crawl space is open to the outside temperature as air flows freely inside. An excessively hot or cold roof cavity will affect the rooms underneath, making them hotter or colder respectively. As well, as part of the restoration process, you can opt to cover the cladding in a reflective film that will redirect solar radiation away from your home, giving your air conditioner a rest.

Enhance the Facade

After a restoration process, your home's appearance will improve. Contractors can apply a colour over the cladding in a similar hue to the existing one, creating a lustrous finish. You can also opt for a colour-change and transform the facade. For example, if the roof is currently drab grey, you could cover it in deep charcoal to create a smart contrast against cream walls.

Better Home-Selling Prospects

You might be considering selling your home, in which case a roof restoration is perfect. Buyers can rest easy knowing that the entire roof is sound — as can you living under it. Additionally, the fresh colour will uplift the curb view so that your home is more appealing to buyers. 

If you have additional questions about roof restoration, reach out to a local roofing contractor.